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4/20/23 Sale Details

The Biggest Sale of The Year

Saturday, April 15th- Saturday, April 22nd

*Coupon codes are disabled during this sale but reward points can still be used*

Raffle Winner Announced! The winning raffle ticket is 190558


Sale Breakdown

20% OFF All Products

30% OFF Specialty Blends, Prerolls, Nano THC Products

40% OFF THCO Products (Leaving Soon; More Info Below)


Other Reasons To Be Excited

  • Earn Raffle tickets with every purchase for a chance to win our $330 Raffle Box
  • 2 Free samples with every purchase of $10 or more
  • Join our livestream at 4:00pm EST on Instagram live to hangout with us and watch the raffle box live


Raffle Details

The raffle drawing will take place on April 20th at 4:20pm EST. You can watch it live on Instagram, or check back here to see the winning ticket. The winner has 24 hours to confirm and to let us know their shirt size and if they would like any replacement products. For legal purposes, we will not automatically send the box; we need confirmation that you approve the delivery first.

Every purchase earns a raffle ticket. Then, every $50 spent earns another ticket

For example:
$30 purchase- 1 ticket
$50 purchase- 2 tickets
$100 purchase- 3 tickets
$150 purchase- 4 tickets

The winner can choose to replace any products with a similar or lesser priced item. This means that gummies can be switched with capsules, Delta 8 switched with CBD, etc. We know our products are not one-sized-fits-all, so just let us know how to make the box perfect!


The Raffle Box Contains:

1 Spaceman Smiley Sweatshirt                                    ($60 Value)

5 Nano D8 50mg Popsicles                                          ($35 Value)

1 50mg D8 Shot and 1 THCO Shot                             ($20 Value)

1 120mg D8 Syrup and 1 THCO Syrup                       ($40 Value)

1 Pack of 25ct- 50mg CBD Gummies                         ($30 Value)

1 Pack of 25ct- 25mg  THCO Hard Candy                 ($50 Value)

1 Pack of 50ct- 25mg THCO Gummies                      ($55 Value)

3 Kingsize 15% THC Prerolls                                       ($40 Value)

Total Value $330


THCO Updates

Due to legislative complications, we are forced to pull THCO from our product lineup. We have crafted the last batches but will continue to sell the products until we run out of stock. When we run out of stock, the products will be removed from the website, so buy now to ensure you grab what you can!

This is not the first time we have had to change our products due to factors outside our control, and it likely will not be the last. But don’t worry! We are consistently adapting and pushing forward, with new products and modified/replacement options to THCO products. We don’t expect THCO to be gone forever, so as soon as we can bring it back we will! Please give us a call or chat with us on the website for more information or bulk inquiries.


Below is a breakdown of the products affected


Products that will remain with improvements or replacements

The new and improved versions are labeled “Remastered”

Supernova Blend Gummies

Hercules Blend

Morpheus Blend Gummies

Eclipse Blend Gummies

Nano THCO Shot—> Nano Delta 9 THC Shot

Nano THCO Hard Candy —> Nano Delta 9 Hard Candy

White Rhino PreRolls

THC Rosin

Pink Panther Flower

THCO Gummies


Products that are being removed entirely

THCO Capsules

Supernova Capsules

THCO Tincture

THCO Candy Mix

THCO Rainbow Belts

THCO Watermelon Candy

THCO Sour Imps

THCO Distillate Syringe

THCO Bulk Distillate


New Products

THC Popsicles- Our famous summer treat has returned just in time for 4/20

Hades Gummies- Our newest and possibly most potent gummy, containing 4mg of THCP

THCP Rosin- Our strongest smokeable extract, for those who are looking for intense effects

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