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420/2022 Sale Details

The Biggest Sale of The Year

Friday, April 15th- Thursday, April 21st

*Coupon Codes are disabled during this sale*


Sale Breakdown

20% OFF All Products

25% OFF HHC and THCO Products

30% OFF Nano D8 Products


Raffle Winner Announced and Confirmed!

Click Here to watch a recording of the live drawing


Raffle Details

The raffle drawing will take place on April 20th at 4:20pm EST. You can watch it live on Instagram, or check back here to see the winning ticket. The winner has 24 hours to confirm and to let us know their shirt size and if they would like any replacement products. For legal purposes, we will not automatically send the box; we need confirmation that you approve the delivery first.

Every purchase earns a raffle ticket. Then, every $50 spent earns another ticket

For example:
$30 purchase- 1 ticket
$50 purchase- 2 tickets
$100 purchase- 3 tickets
$150 purchase- 4 tickets

The winner can choose to replace any products with a similar or lesser priced item. This means that gummies can be switched with capsules, Delta 8 switched with CBD, etc. We know our products are not one-sized-fits-all, so just let us know how to make it the box perfect!


The Raffle Box Contains:

1 Tie Die T-Shirt                                                    ($3o Value)

1 Pack of 6 Nano D8 Popsicles                           ($50 Value)

1 Nano D8 Shot                                                     ($17 Value)

1 Nano D8 Syrup                                                   ($28 Value)

1 Pack of 25ct- 50mg CBD Gummies                ($38 Value)

1 Pack of 25ct- 25mg THCO Candy Mix           ($45 Value)

1 Delta 8 Spray Tincture                                      ($23 Value)

2 Kingsize 15% THC Prerolls                              ($34 Value)

Total Value $265


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