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5 Ways to Experience the Benefits of HHC

Hexahydrocannabionol, or HHC, is a minor cannabinoid that’s psychoactive and continuing to grow in popularity. Since HHC can provide a longer-lasting and less-intense high compared to standard marijuana, it’s a favorite of many cannabis enjoyers who want to extend their high while feeling mildly stoned. Like Delta 8, Delta 9, and other psychoactive cannabinoids, you can enjoy HHC in edibles, vapes, tinctures, flower, and many other methods.

If you’re interested in giving HHC a try, check out some of our favorite ways to enjoy HHC and experience its benefits.

1. HHC Edibles and Capsules

HHC gummies and other edibles are one of the most popular ways to enjoy HHC. When you purchase HHC edibles, the product should tell you the dosage size for each edible, allowing you to control your dosage and know how high you’ll feel. HHC gummies can also be quite tasty and are often a good choice for people who don’t enjoy smoking or want a way to discreetly enjoy HHC.

Like HHC edibles, HHC capsules are a discreet way to enjoy HHC and come in dosage sizes you can easily control. However, you’ll only swallow an HHC capsule instead of chewing it like an edible. Keep in mind that HHC edibles and capsules need to be digested before they start to take effect, so you might not feel effects until 30 to 60 minutes after ingesting them. Some capsules are also time-released, meaning they won’t kick in until a few hours after taking them

2. HHC Prerolls and Flower

If you enjoy smoking marijuana, HHC prerolls and flower are great options. With an HHC preroll, you’ll have a joint ready to smoke, and many people enjoy prerolls for their convenience. When you’d prefer to roll your own joints or smoke out of a bowl or bong, you’ll want to stick to HHC flower. Either option will make you feel the effects of HHC almost immediately after smoking.

3. HHC Vapes and Disposables

Another great way to enjoy HHC is with HHC disposables and vapes. You can find a variety of HHC vape cartridges that you can attach to your vape, giving you a discreet way to enjoy HHC without the smell of smoke. You can also purchase HHC distillate syringes and fill an empty vape cartridge with the distillate before vaping. This method is often more cost-effective, as you don’t have to buy new cartridges.

If you don’t own a vape but want to try vaporized HHC, you can use an HHC disposable. These disposables are vapes that come outfitted with HHC juice already inside them, and once you run out of this juice, you can throw away the vape. Like smoking, you’ll feel the effects of HHC right after you inhale the vaporized HHC.

4. HHC Tinctures

If you want a quick, discreet dose of HHC, an HHC tincture can be taken under your tongue with a dropper. When you swallow the tincture immediately, the effects could take about an hour or so to start. For faster effects, you can leave the dose under your tongue for around 30 seconds before swallowing to get the HHC in your bloodstream faster and have the effects start around 15 minutes after dosing. 

Besides being taken directly, HHC tinctures are also great for DIY cannabis products. For example, you can use tinctures to make edibles, and you can always mix them in drinks or other food items. Tinctures are also a favorite of those who want precise dosing with their HHC products or who like the convenient and discreet nature of a tincture,

5. HHC Concentrates and Dabs

One of the most versatile HHC products is an HHC concentrate. Usually, HHC concentrates come in syringes with clearly marked information about how much HHC is inside the distillate. You can add HHC concentrate to cannabis flower to enhance the effects, use it in vapes, or mix it with your favorite edible recipe. 

If you prefer dabbing, you can use HHC concentrate syringes for HHC dabs. With this method, you’ll heat the syringe to dissipate the concentrate, and then you’ll need to distribute the concentrate into the banger. Next, just heat the nail with a torch and take a rip off your HHC dab. Due to the variety of ways you can use HHC concentrates, they’re great for people who like to make their own DIY HHC products.

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