Carolindica Opens a New Store on Capital Blvd in North Raleigh

Inside of Capital Blvd Carolindica store in North Raleigh - Carolindica

We’re proud to announce that we’re opening another Carolindica store in Raleigh! As an addition to our online store and original store location on Garner Station Blvd, we’re excited to give Triangle residents another convenient way to find their favorite locally crafted hemp products in North Raleigh. This new store is significantly larger than our…

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Essential Guide to Using Distillate Syringes

Essential Guide to Using Distillate Syringes Distillate is the most potent form of cannabinoids that can be found. It contains all of the cannabinoids you want, extracted straight from the plant without additional compounds or needless processes. However, delta 8 products are a little bit different from other cannabis products. Because delta 8 does not…

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Enjoy The Incredible Effects Of Delta 8 Gummies!

Almost everyone is familiar with traditional cannabis edibles. The effects of delta 8 are similar, helping people to relax or unwind. Whether a person struggles from insomnia or simply needs to unwind after a long hectic day, quality delta 8 gummies are a highly effective solution. If you are looking for the best place that…

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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying 50mg THC Edibles!

The world of cannabis and marijuana has gained immense popularity & attention in the last decade. It is likely due to the enriching health benefits of hemp abstracted components. Some people are crazy about consuming cannabis products, while some use them to boost their health. The best part of cannabis formulated goods is they are…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Delta 8 THC: Tips from the Experts

Delta 8 THC

    With Delta 8 THC rapidly growing in popularity, many people are curious about it, yet are unsure just how to get started. Considering it will get you high, it is normal to be hesitant about trying it. However, Delta 8 offers a wide variety of recreational and health benefits, so if you’re interested,…

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