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Dive deep into the wonderful world of cannabis & hemp.

How to Celebrate 4/20 (Legally) in North Carolina
If you plan on celebrating 4/20 in North Carolina, it’s important to do it legally. Fortunately, you can enjoy several types of psychoactive THC products in North Carolina legally.
What Is the Strongest THC Gummy You Can Buy?
If you’ve been paying attention to the ever-evolving landscape of cannabis products for the last few years, you’ve probably noticed different products that claim to be the strongest THC gummy you can buy. Marketing aside, these edibles will usually have some massive number under the product name–but what does it mean? How can you tell the strength of your THC gummies?
Some Hemp Gummies Are Fake: How to Tell the Difference
In the ever-evolving world of natural remedies, it’s becoming harder and harder for consumers to spot products that don’t actually provide the benefits they claim to offer. Hemp gummies are a natural solution that offers multiple potential health benefits, such as inflammation reduction and regulation of blood pressure. Due to these possible benefits, many people are turning to hemp gummies instead of over-the-counter drugs. However, hemp gummies’ rise in popularity has led to an uptick in fake products being sold on Amazon and e-commerce sites like it.
Hemp Gummies & CBD Gummies: Why the Difference Matters
In the ever-evolving wellness sphere, CBD and hemp gummies have both emerged as popular options for folks seeking natural remedies. While both types of gummies have their benefits, understanding the difference between hemp and CBD gummies can help people make informed choices about their supplement decisions. As you try to decide which gummy is right for you, learn more about the main potential benefits of both Hemp and CBD gummies and why consumers might favor taking one over the other.
5 THC-Infused Baked Goods and Drinks for Chocolate Lovers
Summer’s over, and with the cold weather coming, it’s the perfect time to stock up on some delicious chocolate baked goods and treats infused with THC. From a warm drink next to the fire to a batch of something sweet cooking in the oven, you can infuse them with a variety of Delta 8 THC products. If you’re a chocolate lover looking for the best baked goods to pair with Delta 8 THC, give these five ideas for Delta 8 edibles a try.
What Is THC Rosin?
THC has a long and extensive history with humans. We’ve used it for thousands of years, finding different ways to extract its potency for consumption. Different products have been produced, and one currently making waves is THC rosin. 
Tips to Get the Most Out of Delta 9
If you love the effects of standard THC, otherwise known as Delta 9, you have plenty of D9 product options to choose from that offer their own unique benefits and experiences. From the delightful taste of gummies and peach rings to the versatility of oils and tinctures, you have an array of choices to explore. As you try to find a Delta 9 product that fits your needs, you’ll want to know more about the main types of legal Delta 9 products in North Carolina and their top advantages.
How to Identify the Best THC Gummies—Before You Buy
As the world of Delta 8 and Delta 9 products expands, THC gummies have gained popularity as a discreet and enjoyable way to experience the effects of THC. However, determining the right Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC gummies for you goes beyond just considering dosage. Understanding the nuances of different blends, flavors, stickiness, and potencies is essential for a well-rounded experience. In this guide, we’ll look at the factors you should consider when selecting D8 and D9 THC gummies, shedding light on the variety that goes beyond mere milligrams.
How to Pick the Right CBD and Delta 8 Wholesaler
In recent years, CBD and Delta 8 products have exploded in the cannabis market. Often touted as both recreational and wellness products, many believe they help with anxiety issues, chronic pain, and neurological conditions.
How to Make Delta 8 Cookies
In the past, the most common way to make cannabis edibles was much more complicated and time-consuming. Since edibles typically had to be made from cannabis flower that you had to grind and decarboxylate before it could be added to butter, it could be a long process. Fortunately, the rise of Delta 8 concentrates, such as those found in Delta 8 syringes, have made it much easier to bake Delta 8 THC cookies and other edibles at home.
A Beginner’s Guide to CBD
Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most popular cannabinoids in the United States, as it offers several potential benefits and won’t make you feel high. Whether you’re looking for a new cannabinoid to help you fall asleep or one that will boost your mood throughout the day, you might want to give CBD a shot. While you decide if you want to try CBD, learn more about what it is and some essential information you’ll need to know before you make a purchase.
A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Tinctures
If you’re interested in a discreet and easy way to consume your favorite cannabinoids, you should know about cannabis tinctures. These cannabis-infused liquids are one of the most popular ways to consume a number of psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabinoids. As you consider purchasing a CBD or THC tincture, find out more about what they are and how to pick the right one.
Guide to CBN: Everything You Need to Know
Cannabinol (CBN) is quickly becoming a favorite among people interested in its potential benefits for pain management, muscle relaxation, appetite stimulation, and sleep. While research into CBN has a long way to go, some research does point to its possible beneficial properties. Before you try this cannabinoid, take a moment to learn more about what we currently know about CBN and its potential effects.
Should You Take CBD Before or After a Workout?
If you’re trying to maximize your performance during workouts or your recovery once you’re done, you may want to try CBD before or after your workouts. While research is ongoing about CBD and exercise, CBD has several studied benefits that point to its ability to assist with exercise and recovery. As you consider adding CBD to your workout routine, you should know more about how it could benefit your workouts and when you’ll want to take it.
How to Make Edibles With Delta 8 Tinctures and Syringes
While you might think making Delta 8 edibles is hard to do on your own, it’s actually quite simple. Once you understand how to pick the right amount of Delta 8 distillate or tincture and mix it with your preferred oil or butter, you can easily infuse your favorite baked good with Delta 8. Whether you’re looking to save money on edibles or simply enjoy baking, knowing how to make Delta 8 tincture or distillate recipes is a great skill and will probably make you a party favorite! 
What’s the Difference Between CBD and CBG?
If you love CBD and have started hearing about CBG, you might be interested in knowing more about how these two cannabinoids are different. After all, they’re easily confused because they’re both non-intoxicating cannabinoids and can be used for some of the same purposes. Despite their similarities, CBD and CBG have some differences, and it’s important to know more about both cannabinoids before you take them separately or together. 
What Is THCA?
If you’re looking for a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, you’ll probably want to try tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). THCA is not psychoactive in its raw form, but it can become psychoactive when it’s heated or aged. Since its effects vary based on how it’s used, it’s a very versatile cannabinoid and is becoming quite popular across the country. As you consider trying THCA, learn more about what it is and how it differs from THC.
What Is THCP?
If you’re looking for a new cannabinoid that feels like regular marijuana but has stronger effects, you should know about tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP). While THCP is a minor cannabinoid, it reportedly delivers major effects, and you can expect to see this cannabinoid start showing up in dispensaries across the country. As you think about trying THCP, you’ll likely want to know more about what it is, its primary effects, and where to buy it.
5 Ways to Experience the Benefits of HHC
Hexahydrocannabionol, or HHC, is a minor cannabinoid that’s psychoactive and continuing to grow in popularity. Since HHC can provide a longer-lasting and less-intense high compared to standard marijuana, it’s a favorite of many cannabis enjoyers who want to extend their high while feeling mildly stoned. Like Delta 8, Delta 9, and other psychoactive cannabinoids, you can enjoy HHC in edibles, vapes, tinctures, flower, and many other methods.
Buying Cannabis Products in Bulk: Tips and Best Practices
Whether you’re trying to stock up on Delta 8 or fill your store’s shelves with premium CBD products, buying in bulk is often the most cost-effective way to do so. While buying cannabis products wholesale usually comes with significant discounts, you’ll still be making an investment. If you plan to purchase wholesale hemp products and want to ensure you’re making a good investment, it’s important to know a few tips and best practices for buying high-quality cannabis products in bulk.
Is THCO Illegal in North Carolina?
At Carolindica, we’ve been proud to offer THCO products to our customers, but we’ve decided to pull the product from our line-up due to recent legislative concerns. While the 2018 Farm Bill made hemp products containing less than 0.3% of Delta-9 on a dry-weight basis legal to sell, the answer to what qualifies as a hemp product wasn’t entirely clear. However, a recent Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) statement clarified that THCO isn’t hemp.
How to Choose the Right Dosage for Your Delta 8 Gummies
As one of the leading alternatives to standard marijuana (otherwise known as Delta 9), Delta 8 is quickly becoming a favorite of many cannabis enjoyers across the country. Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta 8 is legal federally and in many states. Since Delta 8 is psychoactive, slightly less potent than regular marijuana, and often legal to buy, Delta 8 gummies are a favorite among many people who like a more clear-headed, less anxious high.
4 Potentially Beneficial Reasons Why People Take CBD
If you’re interested in taking CBD, you’ll probably want to know how it could potentially benefit your life. Though research about CBD’s health benefits is still ongoing, many studies have pointed to CBD’s ability to possibly assist with sleep, epilepsy, mental health, and working out. Whether you’re looking for a CBD boost during your workout or want to sleep more soundly at night, find out more about what CBD is, its safety, and its potential advantages.
Carolindica Opens a New Store on Capital Blvd in North Raleigh
We’re proud to announce that we’re opening another Carolindica store in Raleigh! As an addition to our online store and original store location on Garner Station Blvd, we’re excited to give Triangle residents another convenient way to find their favorite locally crafted hemp products in North Raleigh.
A Guide to HHC: Everything You Want to Know
As more forms of cannabis and THC become available to people across the country, one of the newest and most intriguing products is HHC. This minor cannabinoid is not THC but is psychoactive and can provide a potentially less intense and longer-lasting high compared to standard marijuana.
Delta 8: The Basics and FAQs
If you’re looking for a mellow, clear-headed high, Delta 8 might be the choice for you. This popular product is quickly becoming a favorite across the country due to its legality on a federal level and its less-intense psychoactive effects than Delta 9. As you consider trying D8, learn more about some basic facts about it and answers to commonly asked questions about Delta 8.
The Delta 9 Rundown: Everything You Need to Know
When you’re looking for the perfect cannabis product for you, you might enjoy trying Delta 9 THC. While some other cannabinoids are growing in popularity, Delta 9 remains the most used psychoactive cannabinoid today. If you’ve ever tried marijuana in the past, it was probably Delta 9. Though Delta 9 is mostly illegal on a federal level, you can buy it in states like North Carolina as long as it meets certain requirements. As you consider trying Delta 9, take a moment to review our guide.
HHC vs THC: A Differences & Comparison Guide to Help You Choose
While many people enjoy THC edibles, smokeables, and tinctures for their pleasant high, another option you might want to consider is HHC, which is legal in many states and delivers a relaxing high. As HHC becomes more popular due to its legality and relaxing psychoactive effects, you’ll want to know the difference between HHC and THC so you can make the right choice.
Can You Take Delta 8 On a Plane?: FAQs About Cannabis Product Restrictions
In 2018, the Farm Bill, or Agricultural Improvement Act, federally legalized derivatives of cannabis and hemp products that contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC on a dry weight basis.
A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Capsules
If you’re new to cannabis or enjoy the effects of cannabinoids but don’t like having to smoke, you might want to consider cannabis capsules. With a cannabis capsule, you simply have to swallow a pill and wait for the effects to start working. As you look for the right cannabis capsule for you, learn more about what they are, how they work, and the main types you can legally purchase. 
Delta-10 vs Delta-8 vs Delta-9: What’s the Difference?
What exactly is the difference between delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10? Though they’re all natural products, they have slightly different molecular structures, resulting in different effects. While each option can make you feel high, you’ll want to know the differences between them to select the right product for you.
A Beginner’s Guide to Cannabis Gummies
When you’re looking for the right type of cannabis gummy to try, the number of types and dosage sizes might seem overwhelming. Instead of just having the choice between a CBD gummy or a standard gummy made out of delta-9, as you would have in the past, you now can choose between a wide assortment of types. The explosion in CBD, delta-8, delta-9, HHC, THCO, and THCV gummies means you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the perfect gummy.
Essential Guide to Using Distillate Syringes
Essential Guide to Using Distillate Syringes Distillate is the most potent form of cannabinoids that can be found. It contains all of the cannabinoids you want, extracted straight from the plant without additional compounds or needless processes. However, delta 8 products are a little bit different from other cannabis products. Because delta 8 does not naturally occur in very high amounts, delta 8 distillate is still very strong.
Enjoy The Incredible Effects Of Delta 8 Gummies!
Almost everyone is familiar with traditional cannabis edibles. The effects of delta 8 are similar, helping people to relax or unwind. Whether a person struggles from insomnia or simply needs to unwind after a long hectic day, quality delta 8 gummies are a highly effective solution. If you are looking for the best place that offers high quality delta 8 gummies at wholesale price, then your search ends here at Carolindica. Our delta 8 gummies are made from premium ingredients, with fully lab-tested cannabinoids. We also ship nationwide, and you can find us at our local storefront. 
Carolina Craft Cannabis: Shop Small and Shop Better!
The world of hemp production and cannabis formulation is increasing day by day with a great hike. Weed consumers are not only enjoying its intake but also getting benefits. People worldwide consume products and marijuana strains for the best care of their skin, hair, and overall health. Carolina craft cannabis, on the other hand, is a great weed-growing approach with nature’s goodness.
A Quick FAQ Guide To Delta 8 Capsules!
A Quick FAQ Guide To Delta 8 Capsules! Many rumors are spreading worldwide about Delta 8 capsules, but facts are few and far in-between. This guide could help clear your biggest misconceptions about the popular and federally legal THC product. You likely have heard about this product as it has drastically hit the consumer’s attention in the competitive market. It’s helpful advantages of clearing your head after a long, tiring day is a factor to count on.
3 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying 50mg THC Edibles!
The world of cannabis and marijuana has gained immense popularity & attention in the last decade. It is likely due to the enriching health benefits of hemp abstracted components. Some people are crazy about consuming cannabis products, while some use them to boost their health. The best part of cannabis formulated goods is they are available in a rich range of products. You can find them in both edible and non-edible forms. All cannabis enthusiasts who are looking at 50mg THC edibles need to keep some important aspects in mind during its consumption.
A Beginner’s Guide to Delta 8 THC: Tips from the Experts
With Delta 8 THC rapidly growing in popularity, many people are curious about it, yet are unsure just how to get started. Considering it will get you high, it is normal to be hesitant about trying it. However, Delta 8 offers a wide variety of recreational and health benefits, so if you’re interested, we are here to help get you started! Whether you’re a daily weed smoker, or someone who has never tried any THC before, this guide will walk you through step-by-step on the best ways to try Delta 8 THC.
Why So Many People Are Trying Delta 8
If you’ve been hearing more and more and Delta-8 THC (D8) and its introduction to the world of CBD, CBG, and other hemp products, but you’re still not sure of what it is or how it can benefit you, this blog is for you. Carolindica has a wide selection of Delta-8 products to choose from, and in today’s blog, you’ll learn why so many people are trying this amazing product.
Why Choose Carolindica For CBD?
CBD companies have exploded in the last few years, and for anyone looking to purchase CBD, CBG, or Delta 8, there is certainly no shortage of options. At Carolindica, we understand that our customers have options, and that’s exactly why we’re so committed to creating high-quality, affordable products. See below why Carolinidica should be your number one choice for CBD and other hemp products.
What is Delta 8?
CBD, CBN, Delta-8, CBG, gummies, tinctures, topicals – if you’re looking for hemp products, there are dozens of different products, brands, and forms to choose from! One product that has recently emerged on the market and is growing in popularity is Delta-8 THC, but what is it?
Have you ever wondered how and why Cannabis impacts us in such tremendous ways? Learn about the Cannabis plants and the many compounds in it that affect us!
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