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Hemp Gummies & CBD Gummies: Why the Difference Matters

In the ever-evolving wellness sphere, CBD and hemp gummies have both emerged as popular options for folks seeking natural remedies. While both types of gummies have their benefits, understanding the difference between hemp and CBD gummies can help people make informed choices about their supplement decisions. As you try to decide which gummy is right for you, learn more about the main potential benefits of both Hemp and CBD gummies and why consumers might favor taking one over the other.

What Are Hemp Gummies

When you think of hemp gummies, your mind might automatically turn to classic edibles with THC. But pure hemp gummies won’t have you locked to the couch or raiding your fridge. While hemp is related to the plant that produces Delta 9, it has 0.3% or less THC. Due to its miniscule THC contents, hemp-derived gummies will not get you high.

While they aren’t going to provide that feeling of euphoria, hemp gummies are made from hemp seed oil, which is packed with essential nutrients like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids have been shown to reduce inflammation and regulate blood pressure. For those who have issues with over-the-counter anti-inflammatories like Advil, hemp gummies may be a great choice!

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are great if you want a potentially stress-reducing supplement that doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. CBD is a naturally occurring substance in both hemp and cannabis plants, and users have reported numerous potential benefits, such as decreased anxiety and assistance with sleep. Besides the potential psychological benefits, they may offer some physical benefits, as some research suggests that CBD promotes joint repair, decreases inflammation, and reduces muscular tension

CBD is not habit-forming and is a great choice for consumers who want to try a natural kind of supplement for stress management that is discreet and doesn’t require a prescription. Like hemp gummies, CBD gummies usually come in a precise dosage, so you can tailor your CBD experience to your specific needs!

How to Choose Between Hemp and CBD Gummies

If you’re trying to decide whether hemp or CBD gummies are right for you, learn more about why you might prefer one or the other below:

Why You Might Prefer Hemp Gummies

Due to the fatty acid contents, hemp gummies are typically right for those looking for more overall wellness and nutritional support. Those who’d like to try and get both their omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from one supplement also tend to enjoy hemp gummies that provide their dosage in one gummy.

Hemp gummies are also a great choice for vegans who do not want to take fish oil supplements, as they contain animal byproducts. Hemp gummies’ rich nutrient profile can be a great addition to anyone’s nutritional regime, serving as both a potential alternative for some and a substitute for others!

Why You Might Prefer CBD Gummies

Individuals who are looking for stress reduction, anxiety management, and pain relief may want to consider CBD gummies over hemp gummies. While hemp supplements are great for whole-body wellness, CBD is a better choice for those who want psychological benefits from a supplement without feeling high. Since CBD gummies have been shown to potentially provide many psychological benefits (and even some physical ones!), you’ll want to choose a CBD gummy over a hemp gummy when you’re looking for psychological effects. 

Due to the potential physical benefits of CBD, you might also want to try to see if they help with inflammation or muscular tension after exercise. For those who maybe don’t want a gummy as their preferred method of consumption, there are a lot of different ways for people to take CBD. From tinctures and capsules to vapes and chocolates, there’s bound to be an option for those who are interested in seeing if CBD could make a positive impact on their life. 

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