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How to Celebrate 4/20 (Legally) in North Carolina

If you plan on celebrating 4/20 in North Carolina, it’s important to do it legally. Fortunately, you can enjoy several types of psychoactive THC products in North Carolina legally. While you plan for 4/20, take a minute to find out more about legal THC products in North Carolina and how to pick the right one for you.

What THC Products Are Legal in North Carolina?

While consuming and buying most Delta 9 (another name for standard marijuana) products is illegal in North Carolina, you can find many legal THC products that still give you a high. Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized derivatives of hemp and cannabis products that contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC on a dry-weight basis, many psychoactive THC products are now legal to buy, sell, and consume in North Carolina.

The most popular legal alternative to Delta 9 THC in North Carolina is Delta 8 THC, as this minor cannabinoid tends to provide a milder high when taken in similar dosages to Delta 9. Alongside Delta 8, other legal psychoactive cannabinoids include Delta 10 THC (an even milder cannabinoid), THCA (which turns into Delta 9 THC when exposed to heat), and THCP (a cannabinoid stronger than Delta 9 THC). 

In addition to THCA, THCP, Delta 8, and Delta 10, some Delta 9 THC products are legal. As long as these products only contain 0.3% of Delta 9 on a dry weight basis, they’re legal to sell and consume. You can often find legal Delta 9 edibles, tinctures, chocolate bars, and other edibles that meet federal requirements while still packing a punch.

5 Types of Legal 4/20 Treats

If you’re trying to decide on the right 4/20 treats to enjoy, you have many options. Instead of picking out a random cannabinoid to enjoy, review some of the best 4/20 treats you can enjoy legally in NC:

Delta 8 Gummies

Delta 8 gummies are a tried and true option for cannabis enjoyers in North Carolina. In comparison to Delta 9 or THCP gummies, Delta 8 gummies offer a milder high, but at higher dosages, they can still provide a quite strong high. If you want a more chill high to let you enjoy a walk outside or another activity, go with Delta 8 gummies in the 10-20mg range. For stronger highs, you’ll likely enjoy 25-40mg Delta 8 gummies. However, if you don’t regularly take Delta 8, remember to start with a smaller dose to avoid a stronger high than you’d enjoy.

2. Delta 8 or THCA Smokeables

Prefer to smoke your THC rather than take it in edible form? You’ll want to go with Delta 8 or THCA smokeables. Like Delta 8 gummies, a Delta 8 preroll will deliver a more relaxing high, but unlike edibles, you’ll feel the effects almost immediately. If you want a high almost identical to Delta 9, a preroll with THCA is perfect, as THCA turns into Delta 9 after it’s heated. Those who don’t like the smell of marijuana may also want to give THC vapes a try!

3. Delta 8 or 9 Chocolates

Almost everyone loves chocolate, and it’s a natural pairing for Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC. If you’re hosting a party or want a sweet treat to enjoy on 4/20, you’ll love Delta 8 chocolate bars. Those who want a stronger high should go with Delta 9 chocolate bars, and if you want a faster high from your edibles, Delta 9 THC chocolate squares made with Nano THC will deliver the effects quicker than other types of chocolate edibles.

4. Delta 9 or THCP Gummies

When you’re not planning on doing much on 4/20 and like a more overpowering high, Delta 9 or THCP gummies are a great option. If you enjoy the effects of Delta 9 and feel like it gets you high enough, stick with standard Delta 9 gummies. Since THCP is estimated to be about 33 times more active than Delta 9 THC, THCP gummies are a good choice for those who want a stronger high than Delta 9 would normally give them. You can even purchase THC gummies featuring a mix of Delta 8, Delta 9, and THCP for the most powerful effects. 

5. Delta 8 Syringes

If you’re into DIY edibles, you’ll love Delta 8 syringes. These syringes make it easy to dose your brownies, cookies, or any other baked goods with Delta 8 THC concentrate. Simply follow this guide to using Delta 8 syringes to properly add the THC distillate to your recipe!

Turn to Carolindica for All Your Legal 4/20 Treats

Now that you know more about how to celebrate 4/20, it’s time to pick out your products. At Carolindica, we’re proud to offer hand-crafted cannabis products made in small batches to ensure their quality. We also keep our prices affordable so that all of our customers can enjoy our products without breaking the bank. Additionally, you can find a wide selection of Delta 8, Delta 9, CBN, CBD, and CBG products in our stores or online!

Learn more about our most popular edibles today. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us online or visit one of our Raleigh stores.


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