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How to Choose the Right Dosage for Your Delta 8 Gummies

As one of the leading alternatives to standard marijuana (otherwise known as Delta 9), Delta 8 is quickly becoming a favorite of many cannabis enjoyers across the country. Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, Delta 8 is legal federally and in many states. Since Delta 8 is psychoactive, slightly less potent than regular marijuana, and often legal to buy, Delta 8 gummies are a favorite among many people who like a more clear-headed, less anxious high.

While you look for the right Delta 8 gummy for you, you should know how Delta 8 compares to Delta 9 and some tips for selecting the right dosage.

How Strong Is Delta 8 Compared to Regular Marijuana? 

If you’ve tried marijuana before, you likely had Delta 9, which is found in large quantities in marijuana plants. Though many people enjoy Delta 9, some like to avoid it due to its stronger effects, as it can induce paranoia and anxiety in some people. Fortunately, Delta 8 is a great alternative to Delta 9, as it’s generally considered around ⅔ as strong as Delta 9.

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Delta 8 Gummy Dosage

Despite being less potent than Delta 9, Delta 8 gummies can still be quite strong if you take too large of a dose. To avoid having an unpleasant experience, check out our top three tips for choosing the right Delta 8 gummy dosage for you:

1. Know the Differences in Dosage Levels

Finding the right dosage for your next gummy isn’t complicated when you know the main dosage levels. Typically, the two main factors in deciding your dosage level come down to how often you enjoy Delta 8 and what effects you’re looking for. Since more consistent Delta 8 users will have higher tolerance levels, they’ll usually need a higher dose. If you’re not sure where to start with dosage levels, start by reviewing our general dosage level recommendations below:

  • Beginner level – 5 to 15mg per serving: If you’re a first-time or rare Delta 8 user, your tolerance level is probably pretty low. Typically, a gummy with 5 to 15mg of Delta 8 is a great dose for beginners or regular users who only want a light high. Once you get comfortable taking gummies in this range, you can more easily gauge how much Delta 8 you need to feel lightly buzzed or heavily stoned. 
  • Intermediate level – 15 to 45mg per serving: When you take Delta 8 fairly often and have a moderate tolerance for it, you’ll likely want a gummy somewhere between 15 to 45mg per serving. As a semi-regular Delta-8 user, a gummy on the lower side will likely give you a buzz, while one in the 30 to 45mg range will likely give you a more stoned feeling. Remember that it’s best to gradually increase your dosage size, so if you’re used to 15mg gummies, don’t immediately jump to 45mg Delta 8 gummies.
  • Experienced level – 45 to 150mg per serving: If you take Delta 8 gummies daily, a Delta 8 THC gummy with 50mg can be a good dosage size to give you a pleasant high. However, if you have a high tolerance and take Delta 8 throughout the day, you may want to try 100mg Delta 8 gummies to receive the effects you want. The heaviest users or those who enjoy an overpowering high may also like 150mg Delta 8 gummies, but you’ll want to work up to this serving size to make sure it’s not too strong for you.

2. Start With a Low Dose If You’re a Beginner and Wait for the Gummy to Take Effect

When you’re starting to take Delta 8, it’s a good idea to begin with a beginner dosage, even if you’ve tried standard marijuana before. By taking a low dose first, you can avoid feelings of discomfort due to a too-strong edible. If you take a low dose and don’t receive the effects you want, remember that edibles can take two or three hours to reach their peak effects. You’ll also want to wait until your edible fully kicks in before you take more, as you could take more prematurely and then end up having an over-powering high.

3. Understand That Effects Can Vary Based on Tolerance and Weight

While following a general dosage chart to decide on the right dosage size for you is a good idea, you should know that Delta 8’s effects can vary based on a variety of factors. For example, when you take Delta 8 every day, you’ll likely need a higher dosage compared to someone who takes it only occasionally. Additionally, some people may gain or lose tolerance faster, so there’s no one-size-fits-all dose.

Your weight can also affect how much a gummy affects you. For instance, a 50mg Delta 8 Gummy will likely produce stronger effects in someone who weighs 140 pounds versus someone who weighs 240 pounds. That being said, even if you have a higher weight, you’ll still want to start on a lower dose to see how well you tolerate Delta 8. 

Find Your Next Favorite Delta 8 Gummy at Carolindica

When you’re looking for a Delta 8 gummy hand-crafted in North Carolina, turn to Carolindica. Whether you’re looking for starter 10mg Delta 8 gummies or potent 100mg Delta 8 gummies, we have a product for you. Since we source all our gummies from only top-tier ingredients, you can trust you’re receiving a high-quality product. We also offer gummies in multiple types, such as Delta 8 rainbow gummies and Delta 9 peach rings, meaning you can easily find a gummy right for you.

Review our selection of Delta 8 gummies and other products today. If you have any questions or want extra help deciding on the right cannabis gummy for you, please feel free to contact us.


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