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How to Make Edibles With Delta 8 Tinctures and Syringes

While you might think making Delta 8 edibles is hard to do on your own, it’s actually quite simple. Once you understand how to pick the right amount of Delta 8 distillate or tincture and mix it with your preferred oil or butter, you can easily infuse your favorite baked good with Delta 8. Whether you’re looking to save money on edibles or simply enjoy baking, knowing how to make Delta 8 tincture or distillate recipes is a great skill and will probably make you a party favorite! 

8 Steps for Making Delta 8 Edibles With Delta 8 Syringes or Tinctures

If you want to ensure your edibles are dosed and baked correctly, just follow the steps below to make your Delta 8 cookies or brownies out of a tincture or distillate from a syringe:

1. Select Your Delta 8 Syringe or Tincture

As you prepare to make your edibles, you’ll need to decide whether to use a Delta 8 syringe or tincture. Both options are convenient, but they do have some differences. Delta 8 syringes contain Delta 8 distillate, which is a thick and golden substance containing Delta 8 cannabinoids. Distillate is often a great choice for bakers, as distillate is a very pure and potent form of Delta 8. The syringes the distillate comes in also make it easy to tell how much distillate you’re adding to your recipe.

While Delta 8 tinctures are primarily designed to be used sublingually, you can also use them in edibles. Unlike the distillate in Delta 8 syringes, tinctures are solvent-based, meaning they come in a liquid form and don’t have a thick consistency like distillate. Tinctures can be a more convenient option for baking as you won’t have to heat it (more on that later!) before you mix it with oil or butter.

2. Choose Your Favorite Cookie or Brownie Recipe

Once you’ve decided whether to use a Delta 8 tincture or distillate syringe, pick your favorite cookie or brownie recipe. Since Delta 8 tinctures and distillates can be added easily to most baked goods, you can use a recipe you found online or an old family recipe for standard brownies or cookies.

3. Calculate Your Edible Dosage

Before you prepare your Delta 8 infused butter or oil for baking, you should know how much Delta 8 you plan to use in the recipe. After all, you don’t want your edibles to be too weak or too strong.

An easy calculation to figure out the amount of tincture or distillate you can use is to multiply your recipe’s total servings by the amount of Delta 8 you want in each individual serving. For example, if the recipe you’re using will make ten brownies and you want each brownie to have roughly 20mg of Delta 8, you’ll need to use 200mg of Delta 8 in your recipe. 

4. Warm the Distillate (If Using a Syringe)

If you’re using a tincture, you can ignore this step. However, when you’re using a distillate syringe, you’ll probably need to warm the distillate first before mixing it with your oil or butter. Since distillate is fairly thick and sticky, it can be difficult to squeeze it out of the syringe.

Instead of struggling to remove the distillate, you can place the syringe in a bowl of hot water to warm it. You can also use a hairdryer or a flame from a lighter on the glass part of the syringe to heat the distillate. Once you can’t see any air bubbles in the distillate and the distillate has turned to liquid, it’s ready for you to use.

5. Mix the Tincture or Distillate With Oil or Butter

With your tincture or distillate syringe prepared, place the oil or butter you’ll be using in your recipe in a microwave-safe dish. Next, pour or squeeze the tincture or distillate into the dish with the oil or butter and then mix them thoroughly. Make sure you only use the amount of Delta 8 you calculated for the third step, as you could make your brownies or cookies too strong or weak if not!

6. Heat the Butter or Oil

After thoroughly mixing your tincture or distillate, put your microwave-safe dish in the microwave. Heat the dish and its contents for two minutes on medium power. By heating it, you’ll ensure the Delta 8 is distributed evenly through the oil or butter. If you don’t want to heat the mix in a microwave, you can also heat it in your oven at 200 degrees for about ten minutes to achieve the same effect. 

7. Use the Delta 8 Oil or Butter in Your Recipe

Now that your Delta 8 infused oil or butter is ready, just follow your brownie or cookie recipe. When the recipe tells you to add butter or oil, mix in your Delta 8-infused butter or oil.

8. Bake the Edibles and Enjoy!

After you’ve mixed in your Delta 8 infused butter or oil, continue to follow your recipe before baking your cookies or brownies. Once they’ve finished baking, you’ll have Delta 8 brownies or cookies to enjoy!

Keep in mind that you can make edibles following these steps while making baked goods with other cannabinoids. For example, if you don’t want to get high, you can use CBD tinctures and distillate syringes to make CBD cookies and brownies! 

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