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Are you searching for potent and effective cannabis vapes at a reasonable price? Well you’re in the right place! Carolindica specializes in the creation and manufacturing of the highest quality edibles the Carolinas have to offer.



The combination of full spectrum CBD, CBC, and CBG offer a noticeably more invigorating and enjoyable effects, outshining other’s basic CBD products.

$31.49 available on subscription

These cannabinoids are famous for providing a mellow uplift, perfect for enhancing relaxation and creativity in your daily life.

$18.89 available on subscription

(1 customer review)

Every strain has been carefully crafted; utilizing different selections of cannabinoids and terpenes, thereby highlighting the differences in strains.

$34.99 available on subscription

(8 customer reviews)

Our first release offers three different incredible and unique strains.

$18.89 available on subscription

The Best THC Vape Products

Carolindica is proud to offer the best THC Vape products.
Whether you’re looking for the calming and sleep-aid benefits of CBD vapes, the psychedelic effects of Delta 8 vapes, THC Live Resin, or more, Carolindica has the cannabis vape options for you. We offer blends of Delta 8, CBD, CBG, CBC, and more—all made with the finest ingredients.

What is THC Live Resin?

Some of our cannabis vape products are made with THC Live Resin. Live resin is a cannabis concentrate extracted from hemp, which is then fresh-frozen. Every strain has been carefully pressed and crafted, utilizing different selections of cannabinoids and terpenes to highlight their different benefits.

Your Cannabis Vape Shop in Raleigh, NC

At Carolindica, we’re more than a typical vape shop—we’re the home of your experts on all things cannabis. Stop by our Raleigh storefronts to talk with our experts, or simply contact us today. We’re here to answer all your questions and help you find the products that are perfect for you.

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