Welcome to Carolindica's Reward Points Program

When you shop with Carolindica you earn 5% of every dollar spent as points! We are a customer centric company who highly value our customers, so we wanted to provide a way to give back all new and returning customers! You will be able to gain these points in multiple ways, a great example is by creating and logging into an account. After you create an account, you can gain more by leaving reviews, buying our products, or referring others to Carolindica.


When you gain enough points, you will be able to cash them during the checkout process. Each point is worth 1¢, so 250 points will be equivalent to $2.50 on the checkout page.. Create an account today to take advantage of this new program!


This is a new program, so please let us know if you are dealing with any issues. Points have been added to all existing accounts for their previous purchases. Do you think you've earned points but don't see any? Send us a message and let us help!

How to Earn points

You will an need account to save and track your points.

Ways to earn

  • Registering an account with us
  • Daily visits while logged in to our site
  • By leaving reviews on our product pages.
  • Purchasing our amazing products.
  • Gain points when referred customers buy products from us.
  • Each account will earn points on the anniversaries of their registration!
  • Referring other customers to the products on our site (referral codes can be found at the bottom of this page, or on your account page)

Amount of points for actions

  • 50 points for registration
  • 10 points for daily visits
  • 100 points for product reviews
  • 5 points (5%) for every dollar spent on the site
  • 10 points for visitors referred
  • 500 points for every year of registration
  • 500 points on the sale of referred products

How To view your points:

  1. Register or Login through carolindica.com
  2. Click "My Account".
  3. Access "Rewards Points" in the left hand navigation bar.
  4. Or Click Here

How To use your points:

  1. Login through carolindica.com
  2. Choose from our wide variety of products, adding any you'd like to your cart.
  3. Continue to Cart or Checkout with your items, and locate "Points Coupon Generator" at the bottom of Cart and at the top of Checkout.
  4. You can see your points balance right there. Simply choose how many points you would like to exchange and then click the "Create Coupon"
  5. Once you have your coupon code, just paste it in the box above. If you leave the page and lose the code, simply Click Here, or go to the Points History in your account page to find it again
  6. You can still checkout with Apple Pay or Google Pay after you apply your points to your cart. Otherwise:
  7. You are good to go! The check out screen should now show the discount applied to your cart.

The photo below shows what you will see:


Customer Referral code:

When logged in, below is your personal links to refer other customers. When they sign up using your visitor link, you will earn points for it. You can also suggest specific products and generate a link for future customers without an account to use. You will earn points for this referral as well.