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Valentine’s Day Sale

Friday, February 9th- Tuesday, February 14th

*Coupon Codes are disabled during this sale*

Sale Details

  • 15% OFF All Products

  • 20% OFF Capsules

  • 25% OFF Nano THC Products

  • Free THC preroll with every purchase of $99 or more


Delta 8 Popsicle

All New Pectin Gummies
After nearly 6 months of research and development, we are proud to unveil our new type of gummies! Our pectin gummies are delicious, vegan and non-melting.  While not every type of gummy is available in pectin yet, they will be soon. Also, we will still be selling our classic gelatin gummies. More info below


Delta 9 Gummies
The first new type of pectin gummy are our full spectrum gummies! These contain 10mg Delta 9 THC and 20mg CBD, as well as a wide variety of minor cannabinoids. Cannabis Dispensary edibles shipped right to your door? Yes please.

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Daytime Gummies
One of our most popular capsule blends is getting a gummy version! They contain 10mg of Delta 8, 20mg CBD and 20mg CBG (50mg Total). These new gummies are great for daytime use, keeping you active and feeling fantastic for hours.

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50mg D8 Popsicles
By popular request we have brought on a new popsicle strength. This powerful popsicle contains 50mg of Nano Delta 8, providing strong effects before you even finish the treat!

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Why Are Pectin Gummies So Exciting?

Vegan, Dairy, & Gluten Free
The ingredients of pectin gummies are simple and clean. No animal biproducts or gluten in these bad boys!
Non-Melting Pectin gummies do not have to be placed with ice packs. This means no risk of melting and cheaper shipping!


Improved Texture & Flavor
With a melt-in-your-mouth feeling and delicious new flavors, these gummies are clearly a step above the rest.

Other Updates:

      • Quasar Blend has now become Eclipse blend. (Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback)
      • We are preparing to offer sample packs, bundle boxes and subscriptions soon!
      • We are hard at work on creating powdered capsules, as an alternative to our MCT based capsules.
      • Expect more flower options coming soon!
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