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Should You Take CBD Before or After a Workout?

If you’re trying to maximize your performance during workouts or your recovery once you’re done, you may want to try CBD before or after your workouts. While research is ongoing about CBD and exercise, CBD has several studied benefits that point to its ability to assist with exercise and recovery. As you consider adding CBD to your workout routine, you should know more about how it could benefit your workouts and when you’ll want to take it.

What Are The Potential Benefits of Taking CBD Before a Workout?

Whether you’re interested in taking CBD before bodybuilding or a long run, it’s important you know some of the ways it could benefit you. Learn more about some of the top potential advantages of CBD before a workout below:

  • Reduced muscular tension: If you’re still sore from your previous workout or regularly experience muscular tension while exercising, you may want to try CBD. Since some evidence suggests that CBD may promote joint repair and reduce inflammation, CBD may improve your mobility and reduce muscular tension during a workout. Research has also shown that CBD could improve flood flow, which could potentially fight muscular tension and help people warm up faster.
  • Better sleep: Having a great sleep before you exercise is one of the best ways to prepare your body and mind for a workout. For example, sleeping well can raise your mood, increase your motivation to exercise, and improve muscle recovery. Some research suggests that CBD can assist with sleep disorders like restless leg syndrome and insomnia, and other research also shows CBD may ease anxiety, which can disrupt sleep. As a result, CBD could improve your recovery by potentially helping you fall asleep faster and sleep longer. 
  • Stress relief: If you find yourself nervous before workouts, CBD could help relieve stress. One 2015 study showed that CBD can lower anxiety and stress-related behaviors, and another 2017 study found that CBD can reduce physical stress before a workout. This evidence suggests CBD could be useful for people who are anxious or stressed before going to the gym. Since stress can affect your performance and disrupt your focus, taking CBD before a workout for stress relief may be beneficial. 

What Are the Potential Benefits of Taking CBD After a Workout?

Alongside CBD’s potential benefits before a workout, it could also be helpful if you take it after exercising. Find out more about how taking CBD after a workout could be potentially beneficial below:

  • Better muscle recovery: After you work out, one of the reasons you get sore is because of post-exercise inflammation. Instead of staying sore, you can potentially reduce inflammation and recover more comfortably by taking CBD. Since CBD has been shown to induce T cell apoptosis, lower pro-inflammatory cytokines, and prevent T cell proliferation, researchers believe it could improve anti-inflammatory effects. This potential anti-inflammatory effect could reduce inflammation after a workout, making CBD a part of many exercisers’ post-workout routines.
  • Greater mobility: If you’re constantly sore after a workout and it’s impacting your mobility, you may want to try CBD. As we discussed previously, CBD may reduce muscular tension and improve blood flow. Both of these factors could potentially improve your mobility after a workout. Additionally, CBD may have some pain-relieving properties that could also potentially assist with mobility.

How To Choose Between Taking CBD Before or After a Workout

While taking CBD before or after your workout could provide some benefits, deciding when to take it usually comes down to your individual goals or needs. Typically, you’ll want to ingest or smoke CBD before a workout if you want to reduce stress or lower muscle tension while you exercise. You can also take it the night before a workout to possibly improve sleep. In contrast, taking CBD after a workout is usually the better option if you want better muscle recovery and mobility after you’re done with your sets for the day. 

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