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Successor of our classic Hercules gummy, meet Hercules Enraged! The mighty gummy packed with a whopping 500mg of power in each bite! Conquer your challenges one chew at a time, these gummies are here to unleash your inner strength.

$23.79$73.49 available on subscription

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Enjoy a Carolindica classic and dive head first into this popular blend with our tasty gummies!

$17.49$31.49 available on subscription

(8 customer reviews)

Sleep Better, Live Better with CBN sleep capsules.

$16.09$125.99 available on subscription

Carolindica is here to be your resource for cutting-edge technology and modern cannabis products. We offer a wide variety of hemp derived products, including CBD, CBG, CBN, Delta-8 THC, THCO and unique blends of them. These cannabinoids can be ingested through a broad range of mediums, like edibles and tinctures, to help users achieve the right experience in a comfortable, effective manner.
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