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Cannabis Vape FAQ

Vape cartridges and vape disposables function identically. The only difference is that you can disconnect the cartridge (oil and heating element), from the battery, whereas disposable cannot do that.


  • Fully clear the airway on each hit. This means letting go of the button and continuing to hit the device for another second.
  • Troubleshoot the battery first if you are having issues. Make sure the battery is fully charged and the connection is clear between cartridge and battery.
  • Keep the vape and battery away from water and prevent fall damages.


  • Leave your vape in a hot area like a car, especially right side up. Viscosity reduces, and oil over-primes the atomizer, thus oil in the airway.
  • Take the pen on an airplane. Altitude reduces viscosity.
  • User hits the cart too much in too short a time, reducing the viscosity & again, same end result.
  • The connection between the cart and the battery might not be clear.
  • Pull as hard as you can when a vape is clogged. Instead try some of the strategies listed below


Troubleshooting vapes

The first step is identifying whether the cartridge is clogged, or a different issue. Because clogging is the most common issue, pull or blow through the vape without hitting the button and see if you feel airflow. If you do feel airflow, the issue most likely involves the battery. Try a different battery if you can


Unclogging vapes

There are different ways vapes can be clogged, but for it to be clogged this means that oil has entered the airway. Once it cools and hardens the vape can become clogged. It is important to try and deal with a clog quickly, as clogs will build up and only get worse.

The easiest way to unclog a vape cartridge or pen

The general solution involves adding heat to the oil in the cartridge or the disposable. Start by trying to rub the device between your hands, creating friction and warming it up. You can also try preheating the vape or heating it fully until the oil can .

Other more rapid methods of applying gentle heat will also work, so grab a blow dryer, set it to low, and aim it at the cartridge until the clog loosens.  Another  similar option involves sealing it in a sandwich bag and submerge in very warm water for a few minute. Just make sure you do not allow water to reach the device.

Another suggestion involves using a needle or small metallic object and jabbing it down the airway. Heating the tool can make this even more effective; if it is hot enough to vaporize the distillate, it can plow right through the clog.

Button batteries will give you added clog protection—with a button design, you might just be able to hold it down for a few moments, as the higher heat will sometimes break up a clog and allow you to clear it with your next pull.

Still not working? There is always a fallback option

If the above unclogging tips don’t work, try connecting your cartridge to a different, fully charged battery—sometimes the threads don’t quite line up or one model works better with one cartridge over another. If that still fails, your only other option is to remove the oil from the cartridge to use elsewhere. Carolindica distillate is fully decarboxylated, meaning once you get the oil out of the vape you can eat it and feel the effects. Naturally, you could also smoke it like taking a dab, or adding some to flower. The oil will be extremely thick when cool, so try heating it to make it flow more naturally.

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